Genie GTH 55-19 Telehandler For Sale

Considered to be one of the more recent tele-handlers to roll out in the market, the GTH 5519 is an exceptional piece of equipment for both large- and small-scale tasks in construction.

Perfect For Indoors!

They are designed to be rather compact in size, making them perfect for those indoor construction jobs.

These tele-handlers have not gone through any considerable change throughout the years and are open cab units that contain air tires.

However, certain equipment sale companies such as Above All Equipment can provide you with the added convenience of giving you the option of adding foam tires, which are great for construction due to their durability, and less likelihood of flattening while on rough terrain.

As the “55” in the model’s name suggests, they have a weight capacity of up to five thousand five hundred pounds. Furthermore, the boom of this tele-handler is 18.9 inches long, which adds to around 19 inches, thus the “19” in the model’s name.


When opting to invest in a brand unit, you will also be provided with a Genie 135 warranty, which is considered one of the better warranties out there.

Tele-handlers of this model are considered to be one of the better options due to their warranty, due to which you might have some difficulty looking for them. However, our experts are sure to point you in the right direction, so visit us now to learn more.

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