Upgrade Your Worksite with the Genie Z-40/23 Electric Boom Lift from Above All Equipment


At Above All Equipment, we’re proud to offer the Genie Z-4023 Electric Boom Lift for those in need of a quiet, efficient, and eco-friendly aerial work platform. With a 40-foot platform height and 46-foot working height, the Z-4023 combines power and versatility to help you tackle various tasks at elevated heights.


Key features of the Genie Z-4023 Electric Boom Lift:

  • 40-foot platform height, 46-foot working height
  • All-electric, ensuring a quiet operation
  • Comes with new batteries, charger, tires, paint, and decals
  • Thoroughly inspected and refurbished
  • Priced at $41,000 delivered


The Genie Z-4023 Electric Boom Lift shares many similarities with its smaller sibling, the Z-30, including the same level of finish and technology. This lift offers new batteries with a long charge life, ensuring you have power throughout the day. This electric boom lift is an economical choice compared to fuel-powered alternatives.


With the Z-4023, you’ll benefit from new tires, paint, and decals, giving it a fresh and professional appearance. This refurbished lift has been thoroughly inspected and updated to meet our high standards, ensuring you get a reliable and efficient piece of equipment.


Don’t miss out on the Genie Z-4023 Electric Boom Lift to elevate your work to new heights. Visit AboveAllEquipmentSales.com to explore our inventory of aerial work platforms and other equipment.

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