2016 Genie Z45/25J

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Discover the Legacy of Genie Boom Lifts

Since the mid-1960s, Genie has revolutionized the aerial work platform industry with its innovative designs and reliable material lifts. The journey began with the iconic Genie Hoist in 1966, often celebrated as the first true Genie boom lift. This groundbreaking model set the stage for Genie’s relentless pursuit of excellence in aerial access equipment.

Over the decades, Genie has consistently evolved its boom lift lineup, introducing a variety of models tailored to meet diverse needs. Each new release brings enhanced features, superior capabilities, and varying working heights, solidifying Genie’s reputation as a leader in the field.

One standout in their impressive portfolio is the Genie Z-45. As a key member of the Genie Z series, the Z-45 articulating boom lift exemplifies versatility and efficiency, making elevated work areas more accessible than ever. Trusted by professionals worldwide, the Genie Z-45 continues to uphold the brand’s legacy of innovation and quality.

Explore Genie’s range of boom lifts today and see why they remain at the forefront of the aerial lift industry.

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