Genie GS-2646 Scissor Lift

SKU: GS-2646-129-2


Meet the Genie GS-2646 Scissor Lift: Your Sky-High Work Buddy

Platform Capacity: Ready to haul your weight and your gear, the Genie 2646 can hoist around 500-600 lbs. That’s roughly the combined weight of an adult, a toolbox, and an enthusiastic helper!

Platform Dimensions: Roomy enough for you and your tools, the platform’s length and width give you a comfy workspace. Think of it as your mobile corner office in the sky.

Working Height: 32′ — Ever wanted to see the world from 32 feet up? This lift takes you there, making those hard-to-reach spots a piece of cake.

Lift Capacity: This lift doesn’t just go high; it’s strong too. It can handle the full load when fully extended, including you, your equipment, and maybe even that extra bag of chips.

Power Source: Running on DC power (electric), this lift is as quiet as a mouse but strong as an ox, perfect for those long work hours without waking the neighborhood.

Drive System: Maneuver around your work area with ease, thanks to its smooth drive system. Whether electric or hydraulic, it’s got the moves to get you where you need to go.

Terrain Capability: Indoor? Outdoor? It’s versatile enough to handle different surfaces, making it your go-to lift whether you’re polishing chandeliers or fixing billboards.

Controls: Precision is key, and this lift’s proportional controls ensure you’re always in command, gliding smoothly to your desired height and position.

Get ready to elevate your work game with the Genie GS-2646 Scissor Lift—because sometimes, the sky isn’t the limit; it’s just the beginning!

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