2012 JLG 1350AJP

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Looking to reach new heights? Look no further than JLG Industries, Inc.! Since 1969, when John L. Grove decided to lift spirits (and people) by founding the company in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania, USA, JLG has been soaring in the lift equipment industry like a champ.

Picture this: you’re on a job site, needing to reach the tippy-top of a construction project. Who do you call? JLG, of course! They’re the superheroes of aerial work platforms, boom lifts, and scissor lifts. With innovation as their sidekick, they’ve become the go-to for industries ranging from construction to entertainment.

But wait, there’s more! JLG isn’t just about lifting you to new heights; they’re also about safety and efficiency. Their equipment is like the Swiss Army Knife of access gear, making it easy for workers to tackle tasks at any altitude, all while keeping safety in mind.

And they’re not stopping there! JLG’s global presence is as expansive as the sky. With manufacturing facilities in the United States, Belgium, and China, they’re spreading their wings far and wide. Plus, they’ve got a network of dealers and rental companies worldwide, ensuring you can reach them wherever you are.

But hey, safety first, right? JLG doesn’t just hand over the keys to their equipment and send you off into the sunset. They offer top-notch training programs to make sure you know your way around their gear. Because at JLG, they’re not just about selling equipment; they’re about making sure you can use it like a pro.

So, whether you’re building skyscrapers or putting on a show, trust JLG to lift you to new heights – safely, efficiently, and with a smile!

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2012 JLG 1350AJP Articulating Boom Lift for Sale

2 in stock / 1200, 1400 hours

141′ Working Height / 135′ to the basket

Foam Filled Tires

$87,850 Nationwide Delivery


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1200, 1400




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