2013 Genie Z40/23N-RJ Boom Lift

SKU: Z40/23N-RJ-246


Genie Z40/23N Electric Articulating Boom Lift ~ DC Power

  1. Type of Lift: Articulating Boom Lift
    • The Z40/23N belongs to the articulating boom lift category, which means it has multiple boom sections that articulate, allowing for increased maneuverability and flexibility in reaching elevated work areas.
  2. Working Height:
    • The “40” in the model name typically refers to the working height, which is the maximum height the platform can reach. In this case, it’s around 40 feet.
  3. Platform Capacity:
    • Articulating boom lifts usually have a platform or basket at the end of the boom where workers can stand. The platform capacity of the Z40/23N will depend on the specific model, but it typically accommodates one or more workers and their tools.
  4. Outreach/Horizontal Reach:
    • The “23” in the model name may indicate the horizontal reach, which is the maximum distance the lift can extend horizontally while still maintaining its stability.
  5. Power Source:
    • Genie lifts are available in different power configurations, including electric, diesel, or dual fuel (combining electric and diesel). The specific power source for the Z40/23N may vary based on the model and customer specifications.
  6. Features:
    • Articulating boom lifts are known for their versatility, especially in tight spaces. They can reach over obstacles and provide access to hard-to-reach areas. The Z40/23N likely has features such as proportional controls for precise positioning, 360-degree rotation, and hydraulic outriggers for stability.
  7. Applications:
    • Boom lifts like the Genie Z40/23N are commonly used in construction, maintenance, painting, and other tasks that require working at height. The articulating boom design makes them suitable for navigating around obstacles and reaching elevated work areas with flexibility.
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2013 Genie Z40/23N-RJ Boom Lift for Sale

40′ / 46′ working height

New Batteries (8)

1286 hours

$23,950 Nationwide Delivery

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