2015 Genie S-45

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Genie Industries, now known as Genie, is a renowned manufacturer of lifting equipment and aerial work platforms. Founded in 1966 by Bud Bushnell, the company has been a pioneer in developing innovative solutions for accessing hard-to-reach areas in construction, maintenance, and other industries. Genie’s product line includes scissor lifts, boom lifts, vertical mast lifts, telehandlers, and material lifts.

The company gained prominence for introducing the Genie Hoist in 1966, which was a portable pneumatic material lift, and later expanded its product offerings to include various types of aerial work platforms. Genie’s equipment is widely used in construction, warehousing, maintenance, entertainment, and other sectors where working at height is required.

Genie Industries has undergone several changes in ownership over the years. In 2002, it was acquired by Terex Corporation, a global manufacturer of lifting and material handling equipment. However, in 2016, Terex sold its aerial work platforms business, including Genie, to the industrial equipment company, Manitou Group.

Throughout its history, Genie has maintained a commitment to innovation, safety, and quality in its products. The company continues to develop new technologies and designs to meet the evolving needs of its customers in various industries.

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2015 Genie S-45 Boom Lift for Sale

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