2015 JLG 600S Boom Lift

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JLG 600S Boom Lift

  1. Boom Type: The JLG 600S is likely equipped with a telescopic boom, allowing for both vertical and horizontal reach. Telescopic booms extend and retract to provide flexible access to elevated work areas.
  2. Platform Capacity: The lift should have a specified maximum capacity for the platform, indicating the maximum weight it can safely lift.
  3. Working Height: This measurement indicates the maximum vertical reach of the boom lift, measured from the ground to the highest point of the platform.
  4. Horizontal Reach: The maximum distance the platform can reach horizontally from the base.
  5. Power Source: Boom lifts like the JLG 600S may be available with different power sources, such as diesel, dual fuel (gasoline and propane), or electric. The choice of power source depends on the specific application and environmental considerations. This stick boom is Diesel 4WD
  6. Drive and Steer Modes: Boom lifts typically have various drive and steer modes for increased maneuverability in different working conditions.
  7. Platform Rotation: Some models may feature a platform that can rotate, allowing for better access to specific work areas without repositioning the entire unit.
  8. Terrainability: The ability to operate on rough terrain is crucial for construction and outdoor applications. The JLG 600S may be designed for off-road use.
  9. Safety Features: Standard safety features often include controls in the platform, emergency stop buttons, safety rails, and adherence to industry safety standards.
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2015 JLG 600S Boom Lift for Sale

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3100-440 hours

4WD Diesel

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