2015 JLG 660SJ Boom Lift

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  1. Platform Height: The “660” in the model name typically indicates a maximum platform height of around 66 feet. Working height is approximately 71′
  2. Horizontal Outreach: Telescopic boom lifts like the 660SJ provide horizontal reach in addition to vertical lift. The exact horizontal reach can vary and should be checked in the specifications for this specific model.
  3. Capacity: Boom lifts have a maximum platform capacity, indicating the maximum weight the platform can safely hold.
  4. Power Source: Boom lifts are available in different power options, including diesel, dual fuel (gasoline/propane), or electric. The 660SJ might have different power options available. This one happens top be a 4WD Diesel
  5. Terrain Capability: Some models are designed for rough terrain applications, equipped with features like 4-wheel drive and enhanced ground clearance for uneven surfaces.
  6. Controls: Modern boom lifts typically feature user-friendly controls for ease of operation, and some may have advanced features for efficiency and safety.
  7. Safety Features: Boom lifts prioritize operator safety, featuring features such as tilt sensors, platform railings, emergency stop buttons, and other safety measures.
  8. Outriggers/Stabilizers: Depending on the model, extendable outriggers or stabilizers might be included to improve stability during operation.
  9. Transportability: Considering the weight and dimensions for transportation is important, and some models may have features for easier transportation.
  10. Compliance: All JLG boom lifts should meet industry standards and safety regulations applicable in various regions.
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2015 JLG 660SJ Boom Lift for Sale

Several in stock

3600-490 hours

4WD Diesel

$54,850 Nationwide Delivery


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