2016 JLG 600AJ

SKU: 600AJ-066-2


Ready to elevate your projects? The JLG 600AJ is your ultimate aerial partner, designed to transform the way you work. With its impressive reach and agile maneuverability, this lift is your solution for effortlessly conquering heights.

Wave goodbye to ordinary methods and embrace sky-high success! Whether you’re tackling construction, performing maintenance, or aiming for the stars, the JLG 600AJ supports you from every angle.

But that’s not all! This aerial expert offers more than just height. It’s loaded with features that enhance safety and ease of use, from intuitive controls to robust stability, ensuring you can work confidently at any elevation.

Why settle for the ordinary when you can achieve extraordinary with the JLG 600AJ? Articulating Boom Lift Join the community of professionals who are reaching new heights and enjoying every moment.

Ready to elevate your expectations? Contact us today and let the JLG 600AJ take your projects to new levels!

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Several in stock // Clean West Coast Units

3800-4350 hours

4WD Diesel

$53,850 Nationwide Delivery


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