Reconditioned Genie GS-1930

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The Genie GS-1930 is a scissor lift designed for vertical access in indoor and outdoor environments. Manufactured by Terex Corporation under the Genie brand, the GS-1930 features a compact design, allowing for easy maneuverability in tight spaces. With a maximum platform height of 19 feet and a weight capacity of around 500 pounds, this electric scissor lift is commonly used for tasks such as maintenance, installation, and construction projects where elevated access is required. It operates quietly and emits no emissions, making it suitable for indoor use. The GS-1930 is known for its simplicity, reliability, and ease of operation, providing a safe and efficient solution for working at heights.

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Reconditioned Genie GS-1930 Scissor Lift for Sale

Reconditioned Genie GS-1930 Scissor Lift

2023 Reconditioned by Genie Factory Trained Techs.

2016 Core

10,950 Denver, CO

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Introducing the Reconditioned Genie GS1930 Scissor Lift, a versatile and reliable aerial work platform that has undergone meticulous refurbishment by Genie Factory Trained Technicians. It’s now available for sale and comes with notable features for various tasks.

Quality Reconditioning: Genie Factory Trained Technicians have meticulously reconditioned this scissor lift to meet the highest performance and safety standards. The comprehensive refurbishment process ensures it’s in optimal working condition, making it a dependable choice for your aerial work needs.

Updated Core: While the core of this scissor lift dates back to 2015, it has been revitalized to operate like a newer machine. This combination of a solid core with modern refurbishments provides a cost-effective solution that delivers reliable performance on your job sites.

Proven Durability: Genie is known for producing durable equipment, and this reconditioned scissor lift is no exception. It can withstand the rigors of various work environments, ensuring effective service for years to come.

Located in Denver, CO: This scissor lift is conveniently situated in Denver, Colorado, making it easily accessible for regional buyers. Its proximity simplifies transportation logistics, allowing for quick integration into projects in and around Denver.

In summary, the Reconditioned Genie GS1930 Scissor Lift is a top-quality, factory-refurbished aerial work platform that combines trusted brand reliability with modern reconditioning. With proven durability and cost-effective pricing, it offers an excellent opportunity for businesses seeking a dependable solution for elevated work. Don’t miss out – contact us today to learn more, schedule a viewing, or secure your purchase.


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