Reconditioned Genie GS-1930 Scissor Lift

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The Genie GS-1930 is a reliable and compact scissor lift commonly used for indoor and light outdoor applications. With a maximum platform height of 19 feet and a narrow design, it is well-suited for working in confined spaces. This electric scissor lift offers efficient and safe access for maintenance and construction tasks, making it a popular choice for various industries.

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2023 Reconditioned Genie GS-1930 Scissor Lift for Sale

Reconditioned Genie GS-1930 Scissor Lift

2023 Reconditioned by Genie Factory Trained Techs.

2015 Core

Indianapolis, IN

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Genie 1930 Scissor Lift:

  1. Platform Capacity: The Genie 1930 is designed to provide elevated working platforms. The platform typically has a capacity for a certain weight load, and in the case of the Genie 1930, this might be around 500 lbs (227 kg) or more.
  2. Platform Dimensions: The platform dimensions vary, but they are generally designed to accommodate one or more workers and their tools or equipment comfortably.
  3. Lift Height: The Genie 1930 scissor lift is capable of reaching moderate working heights. The lift height may be around 19 feet (5.79 meters) or more.
  4. Power Source: Scissor lifts can be powered by various sources, including electric batteries. The Genie 1930 may be electrically powered, making it suitable for indoor use where emissions and noise need to be minimized.
  5. Controls: The scissor lift is typically equipped with user-friendly controls, allowing operators to raise, lower, and maneuver the lift with ease. Some models may also have proportional controls for precise movements.
  6. Compact Design: Scissor lifts like the Genie 1930 often have a compact design, making them suitable for maneuvering in tight spaces. This feature is especially useful in indoor environments or construction sites with limited space.
  7. Safety Features: Scissor lifts are equipped with various safety features, including guardrails, emergency lowering mechanisms, and tilt sensors. These features are designed to enhance the safety of operators while working at height.
  8. Non-Marking Tires: To prevent damage to indoor surfaces, scissor lifts like the Genie 1930 may have non-marking tires. This is particularly important when the lift is used on finished floors or sensitive surfaces.

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IN, Indianapolis

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