2012 Skyjack SJIII4632

SKU: SJIII4632-051


Introducing the SkyJack 4632 Scissor Lift – the ultimate way to elevate your construction game while reaching new heights of hilarity! This bad boy is like the James Bond of scissor lifts, minus the secret agent gadgets, but with all the charm and lift power you could ever need. Imagine cruising through your worksite like a boss, with a lift that’s smoother than a buttered-up dance floor. Need to reach those pesky high spots? No problemo! The SkyJack 4632 will hoist you up quicker than you can say, “I’m on top of the world!” (Disclaimer: Please don’t actually say that while operating heavy machinery.)..But wait, there’s more! This scissor lift is so user-friendly, even your Uncle Tommy could operate it (though we don’t recommend letting ” Big Tom” loose on a construction site… for everyone’s safety). With its intuitive controls and sturdy design, you’ll be soaring through tasks faster than a seagull eyeing your sandwich at the beach. 🌊


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2012 Skyjack SJIII4632 Scissor Lift for Sale

32′ / 46″ wide / 38′ working height

Reconditioned 2021 (439 hrs)

502 hours / New Batteries

$11,550 Nationwide Delivery

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