2016 Gehl RS10-55

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The telehandler, also known as a telescopic handler or a telescopic forklift, is a versatile machine widely used in construction, agriculture, and industry. It combines the functionality of a forklift with the capabilities of a crane. Gehl recognized the growing demand for such equipment and began developing its own line of telehandlers to meet market needs. The exact date of Gehl’s entry into the telehandler market is not precisely documented, but it likely occurred in the 1970s or 1980s as these machines gained popularity in various industries. Gehl’s telehandlers became known for their durability, reliability, and innovative features, contributing to the company’s reputation as a leader in the construction and agricultural equipment industry. Over the years, Gehl continued to refine and expand its telehandler product line, incorporating advancements in technology, safety features, and performance capabilities. These machines became essential tools on job sites worldwide, helping users lift, move, and place materials with precision and efficiency.

In 2008, Gehl Company was acquired by Manitou Group, a global leader in material handling equipment based in France. The acquisition further strengthened Gehl’s position in the telehandler market by leveraging Manitou’s extensive resources, expertise, and global distribution network. Today, Gehl telehandlers continue to be a cornerstone of Manitou Group’s product offerings, providing customers with innovative solutions for their material handling needs across various industries. The company remains committed to advancing its telehandler technology to meet evolving customer demands for productivity, versatility, and safety.

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2016 Gehl RS10-55 Telehandler for Sale

2 in stock / 4400 + 4900 hours

10K / 55′ Boom

Foam Filled Tires ~ Open ROPS

$73,850 Nationwide Delivery


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