2024 Genie GTH 55-19

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Genie GTH55-19 Telehandler

TheGenie GTH55-19 is a telehandler model produced by Genie Industries. Telehandlers, also known as telescopic handlers or reach forklifts, are versatile machines designed for material handling and lifting applications. Here are some general specifications and features for the Genie GTH55-19:

  1. Lifting Capacity: The GTH55-19 typically has a lifting capacity of around 11,000 pounds (approximately 4,990 kilograms). This capacity can vary based on the specific configuration and attachments.
  2. Maximum Lift Height: The maximum lift height for the GTH55-19 is usually around 54 feet (approximately 16.5 meters). This allows for extended vertical reach.
  3. Reach Capacity: Telehandlers are known for their horizontal reach capabilities. The GTH55-19 may have a forward reach of around 40 feet (approximately 12.2 meters).
  4. Power Source: Telehandlers are commonly powered by diesel engines, providing the necessary power for lifting and extending the telescopic boom.
  5. Transmission: The GTH55-19 may feature a hydrostatic transmission for smooth and efficient operation.
  6. Four-Wheel Drive (4WD): Telehandlers are often equipped with 4WD to provide better traction and maneuverability, especially on rough or uneven terrain.
  7. Attachments: Telehandlers can be equipped with various attachments to enhance their versatility. These may include forks, buckets, grapples, and other tools depending on the specific application.
  8. Operator Cab: The GTH55-19 typically features a spacious and ergonomic operator cab with controls for safe and comfortable operation.
  9. Stabilizers: Many telehandlers are equipped with stabilizers or outriggers to ensure stability when lifting heavy loads, especially at extended heights.
  10. Terrainability: Telehandlers like the GTH55-19 are designed for both rough terrain and smoother surfaces, making them suitable for a variety of construction and industrial applications.
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