Movie Set Lifts

Above All Equipment specializes in custom, matte black scissor lifts, and boom lifts for movie and television studios! We’ve worked with studios in New York and Los Angeles. Aerial lifts are vital for dramatic shots, often referred to as crane or “jib” shots. Filmmakers can use cranes with cameras mounted to them. Alternatively, they can use scissor lifts or boom lifts to get the shot they are looking for. Boom lifts have reach up to 100+, while some scissor lifts can lift 1000lb of weight and materials. Virtually every car chase scene in any action movie was filmed using a crane or some type of aerial lift. Above All Equipment sells reconditioned scissor and boom lifts specifically designed for the studio industry! We sell JLG Genie and Skyjack brands. These units are custom painted matte black and come with all safety decals and manuals. Please inquire about pricing and lead time!

Movie Set RECON
Matte GS-2632 recon
GS 2632 RECON movie sets

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Want to know more about our boom lifts? Check out the specs and see the difference between scissor lifts and boom lifts: