2009 Genie Z60/34 Boom Lift

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Unlock Efficiency: Genie Z60/34 Boom Lift – Your Ultimate Aerial Solution

Discover the Genie Z60/34 boom lift – the go-to solution for efficient aerial work. Perfect for construction and maintenance projects, this versatile lift enhances productivity and safety. Learn more! The Genie Z60/34 boom lift revolutionizes aerial work with its unparalleled efficiency and versatility. Ideal for construction projects, maintenance tasks, and beyond, this powerhouse equipment elevates productivity to new heights. Featuring a robust design and advanced technology, the Z60/34 ensures smooth operation and precise maneuverability. Its impressive reach and platform capacity make it suitable for various job sites, from industrial complexes to commercial buildings. Equipped with innovative safety features, including platform controls and stability systems, the Genie Z60/34 prioritizes worker security without compromising performance. Its user-friendly interface allows for easy operation, reducing downtime and optimizing workflow. Experience unmatched efficiency with the Genie Z60/34 boom lift – your ultimate aerial solution for any project. Elevate your productivity today!

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2009 Genie Z60/34 Articulating Boom Lift for Sale

60′ / 66′ Working Height

Several in stock / 4WD Dual Fuel

3000-3900 hours




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