2012 JLG 600AJ Boom Lift

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JLG 600AJ Articulating Boom Lift

  1. Platform Capacity: The 600AJ typically has a platform capacity of around 500 pounds (about 227 kilograms).
  2. Platform Dimensions: The platform dimensions can vary, but a common size for the 600AJ is approximately 36 x 96 inches (about 91 x 244 centimeters).
  3. Working Height: The working height, which includes the platform height plus the height of an average person, is a key feature of boom lifts. For the 600AJ, this working height is usually around 66 feet (about 20.1 meters).
  4. Horizontal Reach: Boom lifts have the ability to reach horizontally as well. The horizontal reach for the 600AJ is typically around 60 feet (about 18.3 meters).
  5. Up and Over Clearance: The design of articulating boom lifts allows them to go up and over obstacles. The 600AJ may have a clearance of around 26 feet (about 7.92 meters).
  6. Power Source: Boom lifts like the 600AJ can be powered by various sources. Commonly, they are equipped with dual fuel (gasoline and propane) or diesel engines.
  7. Drive System: Boom lifts are often equipped with 4-wheel drive for enhanced terrain capabilities.
  8. Swing: Articulating boom lifts have the ability to swing the platform horizontally, offering greater flexibility in positioning.
  9. Basket Rotation: The platform of the 600AJ may have a feature allowing it to rotate, providing better access to work areas.
  10. Terrainability: The 600AJ is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, with features that enhance maneuverability on rough terrain.
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2012 JLG 600AJ Boom Lift for Sale

3100 hours

66′ working height

4WD / Diesel

$38,950 Nationwide Delivery!

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