2014 JLG 450AJ Boom Lift

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  1. latform Height: The JLG 450AJ is likely to have a specified platform height, indicating how high the operator can reach when the boom is elevated. 45′ / 51′ working height
  2. Horizontal Reach: This refers to how far the platform can extend horizontally from the base of the lift. It’s an important specification for tasks that require lateral reach.
  3. Platform Capacity: This is the maximum weight capacity of the platform, including the weight of the operator and any tools or materials being used.
  4. Power Source: The machine is powered by a diesel engine. Diesel boom lifts are commonly used in outdoor construction and industrial applications where a rugged and powerful lift is required.
  5. 4WD (Four-Wheel Drive): The inclusion of 4WD indicates that the machine is capable of operating on rough or uneven terrain. This feature enhances the lift’s versatility and allows it to navigate challenging work environments.
  6. Controls: The operator’s platform will feature controls for lifting, lowering, extending, and maneuvering the boom. The controls are typically designed for ease of use and precision.
  7. Terrain Capabilities: The 4WD capability suggests that the lift is suitable for use on a variety of terrains, including construction sites with uneven surfaces.
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2014 JLG 450AJ Boom Lift for Sale

Several in stock 2100-3400 hours

51′ working height

4WD Diesel

$31,850 Nationwide Delivery!

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