2014 JLG E400AJPN Boom Lift

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The JLG E400AJPN refers to an electric articulating boom lift produced by JLG Industries. Keep in mind that specifications and features may have been updated since then, so it’s recommended to check the latest information from JLG or an authorized dealer. Here are general specifications and features you might find on a JLG E400AJPN:

  1. Platform Height: The E400AJPN is an electric articulating boom lift, and its platform height indicates how high the platform can be elevated. Typically about 40′
  2. Working Height: This includes the platform height along with the reach of the articulating boom. It gives you an idea of how high the machine can effectively work.
  3. Horizontal Reach: This is the distance from the base of the machine to the center of the working area. It indicates how far the boom can extend horizontally.
  4. Platform Capacity: This is the maximum weight that the platform can support. It’s crucial to adhere to these weight limits for safety.
  5. Power Source: Being electric, the E400AJPN is likely powered by batteries. Electric lifts are often preferred for indoor use due to zero emissions and quieter operation.
  6. Drive System: Electric boom lifts typically feature electric drive systems, which can contribute to smooth and quiet operation.
  7. Controls: Look for user-friendly controls that allow the operator to efficiently and safely maneuver the lift.
  8. Outriggers/Stabilizers: Depending on the model, there might be stabilizers or outriggers to enhance stability, especially when the boom is extended.
  9. Terrainability: Electric boom lifts are often suitable for indoor use and areas where emissions need to be minimized. They may have non-marking tires suitable for indoor surfaces.
  10. Safety Features: Modern boom lifts, including electric ones, come with various safety features, including sensors, alarms, and safety interlock systems.


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2014 JLG E400AJPN Boom Lift for Sale

46′ working height

DC power / 48V

1010 Hours

$39,950 Nationwide Delivery!

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