2015 Genie S-40 Boom Lift

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The Genie S-40 is part of Genie’s line of telescopic boom lifts. These machines are designed to provide vertical and horizontal reach for tasks at elevated heights. The “S” in the model name typically stands for “straight,” indicating that it has a straight telescopic boom rather than an articulated one.

Key features and specifications of a Genie S-40 include:

  1. Platform Height:  40′ Indicates the maximum height the platform can reach. (46′ max working height).
  2. Horizontal Reach: Specifies how far horizontally the platform can extend.
  3. Lift Capacity: The maximum weight the platform can support.
  4. Power Source: Genie lifts can be powered by electricity, diesel, or dual fuel, depending on the model. This unit is a 4×4 Diesel
  5. Platform Size: The dimensions of the work platform.
  6. Controls: Details about the control system used to operate the lift.
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2015 Genie S-40 Boom Lift for Sale

Several in stock / 3300-4700 hrs

46′ working height

4WD Diesel

$23,950 Nationwide Delivery!



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