2015 Genie S-80 Boom Lift

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The Genie S-80 is a telescopic boom lift manufactured by Genie Industries. Boom lifts like the Genie S-80 are designed to provide elevated access for various construction, maintenance, and industrial applications. Here are some general features and specifications often associated with the Genie S-80:

  1. Platform Height: The “S-80” in the model name typically indicates a maximum platform height of around 80 feet.
  2. Horizontal Outreach: Telescopic boom lifts, including the Genie S-80, provide horizontal reach in addition to vertical lift. The exact horizontal reach can vary, and it’s an important specification for accessing specific work areas.
  3. Capacity: Boom lifts have a maximum platform capacity, indicating the maximum weight the platform can safely support.
  4. Power Source: The Genie S-80 may be available with different power options, including diesel, dual fuel (gasoline/propane), or electric. The choice of power source depends on the application and environmental considerations. This S-80 is a $WD Diesel.
  5. Terrain Capability: Some models are designed for rough terrain applications, featuring features like 4-wheel drive, oscillating axles, and enhanced ground clearance for uneven surfaces.
  6. Controls: Modern boom lifts come equipped with user-friendly controls for ease of operation. Some models may include advanced features for increased efficiency and safety.
  7. Safety Features: Safety is a top priority in boom lifts, and they are equipped with various safety features, including tilt sensors, platform railings, emergency stop buttons, and more.
  8. Outriggers/Stabilizers: Depending on the model, extendable outriggers or stabilizers may be included to enhance stability during operation.
  9. Transportability: Consideration of weight, dimensions, and transport features is important for moving the equipment between job sites.
  10. Compliance: Boom lifts must comply with industry standards and safety regulations applicable in different regions.
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2015 Genie S-80 Boom Lift for Sale

Several in stock / 9 Story Working Height

3800-4600 hours

4WD Diesel

$63,850 Nationwide Delivery

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