2015 Genie ZX-135/70 Boom Lift

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Genie Z-135/70 Articulating Boom Lift:

  1. Type: Articulating Boom Lift: The Z-135/70 is an articulating boom lift, which means it has multiple boom sections that articulate, allowing for increased flexibility and reach.
  2. Maximum Platform Height: The “135” in the model name suggests a maximum platform height of approximately 135 feet. This makes it suitable for applications where access to elevated areas is required.
  3. Horizontal Reach: The “70” in the model name typically indicates a horizontal outreach of around 70 feet. This feature allows the boom to extend horizontally to reach work areas that are not directly beneath the machine.
  4. Platform Capacity: The lift is designed to carry operators and their tools or equipment. The platform usually has a specified weight capacity, ensuring safe operation.
  5. Power Source: Genie lifts can be powered by various sources, including diesel, electric, or a combination of both. The specific power source for this Z-135/70 is Diesel (4WD).
  6. Controls: The lift is typically equipped with controls in the platform that allow the operator to maneuver the machine efficiently.
  7. Terrain and Conditions: Boom lifts like the Z-135/70 are designed outdoor use, with features such as rough-terrain capabilities for construction sites.
  8. Safety Features: Genie lifts, like many others, come equipped with various safety features, including platform controls, safety harness anchor points, and emergency descent systems.
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2015 Genie ZX-135/70 Boom Lift for Sale

135′ / 4WD Diesel

Foam Filled Tires

2850 hours

$148,950 Nationwide Delivery!


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