2018 Genie Z40/23N-RJ

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🧞‍♂️ Once upon a time in the kingdom of construction, there existed a marvel known as the Genie Z60/34 boom lift – the James Bond of elevating apparatus! Picture this: a suave and debonair machine that effortlessly whisked you skyward with the finesse of a secret agent on a mission.

With the agility of a cat burglar and the strength of a heavyweight champion, the Z60/34 was the ultimate sidekick for any lofty endeavor. Whether you were painting clouds or playing hide-and-seek with stars, this boom lift was your trusty accomplice, ready to tackle any challenge with style.

But wait, there’s more! This charmer wasn’t just a one-trick pony; oh no, it was a Swiss Army knife of elevation, ready to shimmy through tight spots and conquer rugged terrain like a boss. It was the MacGyver of the construction world, always prepared to MacGyver its way out of any situation.

So, when ordinary just won’t cut it and you need a touch of class in your aerial escapades, remember the Genie Z60/34 – because why settle for anything less when you can ascend to greatness in true spy fashion? 🧞‍♂️

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2018 Genie Z40/23N-RJ Boom Lift for Sale

40′ / 46′ working height

Several in stock /New Batteries (8)

445-510 hours

$44,850 Nationwide Delivery


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