2014 Genie GS-3369RT Scissor lift

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Genie Industries, a subsidiary of Terex Corporation, is a well-known manufacturer of aerial work platforms, including scissor lifts. The history of Genie can be traced back to the introduction of the Genie Hoist in 1966, a material lift designed for construction and industrial applications. Over the years, Genie has expanded its product line to include various types of aerial lifts, and scissor lifts have been a significant part of their offerings. Scissor lifts are widely used in construction, maintenance, and other industries to provide elevated access to work areas. Genie scissor lifts are known for their durability, innovation, and safety features. They come in various models with different specifications to cater to the diverse needs of users. These lifts are designed to lift workers and equipment vertically, providing a stable and secure platform for tasks at height. As technology has advanced, Genie has incorporated features such as improved safety systems, enhanced maneuverability, and environmentally friendly options into their scissor lifts. They have also introduced electric-powered models to address the increasing demand for cleaner and more efficient solutions.

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2014 Genie GS-3369RT Scissor lift For Sale

Genie GS-3369RT for Sale

33′ / 69″ wide / Dual Fuel Gas and propane

5 in stock / 2300-3800 hours

$26,850 Nationwide Delivery


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