2016 Genie GS-3246 Scissor Lift



As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, the Genie GS-3246 is a scissor lift model produced by Genie, a well-known manufacturer of lifting equipment. Keep in mind that specifications and models may have changed since then, so it’s advisable to check the latest information from the manufacturer or authorized dealers for the most accurate details.

Here is a general description based on historical information:

Genie GS-3246 Scissor Lift:

  • Type: Electric scissor lift.
  • Platform Capacity: Typically designed to accommodate a certain weight capacity on the platform. The exact capacity can vary depending on the model and configuration.
  • Platform Dimensions: The size of the platform where workers or materials are lifted. The dimensions can affect the lift’s suitability for different tasks.
  • Working Height: The maximum height the lift can reach when fully extended. This is a crucial specification for tasks that require working at elevated heights.
  • Power Source: Electric scissor lifts are often powered by batteries, providing a clean and quiet operation, suitable for indoor use.
  • Terrain: Depending on the model, it may be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, with variations in tire types for different terrains.
  • Controls: Modern scissor lifts typically come with user-friendly controls for easy operation.


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2016 Genie GS-3246 Scissor Lift for Sale

2011 Genie GS-3246

32′ / 38′ working height

155 Hours / New Batteries

$11,550 Cleveland, OH



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