2016 Genie GS-3246

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🧞‍♂️ Once upon a time, in the lofty realms of aerial work platforms, there emerged a shining star known as Genie. Like a magical force, Genie’s scissor lifts soared through history, tracing their origins back to the visionary mind of Bud Bushnell, the wizard behind the company’s inception in 1966. Originally crafting material lifts, Genie soon expanded its repertoire to include the majestic wonders of aerial work platforms, including the ever-popular scissor lifts and majestic boom lifts.

Fuelled by a potent blend of innovation and a keen eye for customer satisfaction, Genie ascended to greatness in the aerial access industry. With each passing era, they conjured up a diverse array of scissor lift marvels, each brimming with technological wizardry, safety enchantments, and aesthetic charm. Today, these Genie scissor lifts stand tall as indispensable tools in realms of construction, maintenance, and beyond, where reaching for the stars is just another day at the office. 🧞‍♂️

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2016 Genie GS-3246 Scissor Lift for Sale

32′ / 46″ wide

Several in stock / All super clean California units

310-380 hours

$12,850 Nationwide Delivery

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