2020 Skyjack SJ3219


Introducing the Skyjack 3219 lift – the ultimate ‘lift-off’ companion for your high-flying endeavors. Picture this: You’ve got tasks stacked as high as the clouds, and this lift is your trusty steed, ready to whisk you up to conquer them all. With its nimble maneuverability and reliable performance, it’s like having your own personal elevator to success. Say goodbye to reaching for the stars – with the Skyjack 3219, you’re already among them, setting new heights with every lift. So, buckle up and prepare for lift-off because when it comes to reaching for the sky, this lift is your ticket to the stratosphere

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2020 Skyjack SJ3219 Scissor Lift for Sale

19′ / 32″ wide / 3′ deck extension

3 in stock / 105-180 hours

$9,950 Nationwide Delivery



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