Reconditioned Genie GS-3246

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🌟 Welcome to the magical world of the  Genie GS-3246! 🧞‍♂️ Prepare to be wowed by this incredible piece of machinery that’s here to elevate your aerial work to new heights with a sprinkle of convenience and efficiency!

🚀 With the Genie GS-3246, say goodbye to all your worries about reaching heights safely and swiftly! This delightful scissor lift is your ultimate partner for reaching those high-up places with ease and grace.

✨ Picture yourself soaring effortlessly to your desired height, all while enjoying the smooth ride and stability that only the Genie GS-3246 can provide. Whether you’re painting ceilings, fixing lights, or doing maintenance work, this genie will grant you the power to work smarter, not harder!

💡Designed with your convenience in mind, the Genie GS-3246 boasts intuitive controls and ergonomic features, ensuring a user-friendly experience every time. No more fumbling around or wasting precious time – this genie understands your needs and is here to make your tasks a breeze!

🌟 So, if you’re ready to take your aerial work to the next level with a touch of magic, look no further than the Genie GS-3246. Say hello to effortless elevation and bid farewell to cumbersome ladders and risky maneuvers. Let this friendly genie be your ticket to reaching new heights – both literally and figuratively! 🧞‍♂️✨

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2024 Reconditioned Genie GS-3246 Scissor Lift for Sale

2024 Reconditioned by Genie factory Trained Techs!

2016 Core / 32′ / 46″ wide

Major Components= NEW

$17,850 Nationwide Delivery


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