Reconditioned Skyjack SJIII3226

SKU: SJIII3226-070-1-004-2


Say hello to the Skyjack 3226: the sleek scissor lift sensation from Skyjack Inc., the wizards of aerial work platforms and material handling magic. Meet the SJIII3226, the compact electric darling designed to elevate your indoor and outdoor adventures. With a platform height that’ll make you feel like you’re on cloud nine at 26′, and a working height soaring up to 32′, these beauties are your VIP pass to the high life. They’re 32″ wide, with a nifty 3′ slide-out deck extension for those moments when you need just a tad more wiggle room. Say hello to your new lifting buddy, designed to take you higher, further, and with a sprinkle of style.
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2024 Reconditioned Skyjack SJIII3226 Scissor Lift for Sale

2024 Reconditioned by Skyjack Factory Trained Techs!

2016 Core

Major Components= NEW

$13,550 Nationwide Delivery

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