2016 Skyjack SJIII3219 Scissor Lift


The Skyjack 3219 is a compact and maneuverable scissor lift designed for vertical access in various work environments. With a focus on efficiency and ease of use, it typically features a platform capacity suitable for one or two operators and is equipped with a folding crisscross mechanism for vertical lifting. The platform dimensions are designed to accommodate tasks in confined spaces, and its working height provides access to elevated work areas. The scissor lift may be powered by electric (battery) or hydraulic systems and is often equipped with safety features to ensure operator well-being during operation.

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2016 Skyjack SJIII3219 Scissor lift For Sale

Skyjack SJIII3219 Scissor Lift  for Sale

19′ / 32″ wide / 3′ deck extension

3 in stock / New Batteries / 183-212 hours

$6,950 Southern California




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