2015 JLG G9-43A Telehandler

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JLG is a well-known manufacturer of aerial work platforms, including telehandlers. Telehandlers, also known as telescopic handlers or rough terrain forklifts, are versatile machines commonly used in construction and industrial settings. They feature a telescoping boom that can extend forward and upward, allowing them to reach heights and distances that traditional forklifts cannot.

Here are some general features you might find in a JLG G9-43A Telehandler

  1. Lifting Capacity: Telehandlers typically have a maximum lifting capacity, indicating the maximum weight they can lift safely. 9,000lbs
  2. Boom Reach: The telescoping boom can extend to reach different heights and distances. The reach is an important specification for tasks that require lifting or placing materials at various heights. 43′ Boom reach
  3. Terrain Capabilities: “Rough terrain” in the name suggests that the telehandler is designed for use on uneven or unpaved surfaces, common in construction sites.
  4. Attachments: Telehandlers are often equipped with various attachments, such as forks, buckets, or other tools, to enhance their versatility for different tasks.
  5. Cab and Controls: The operator’s cab provides a comfortable and safe environment for the operator. Controls may include joystick operation for precise maneuvering.
  6. Engine: Information about the engine, fuel type, and power output is usually specified.
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2015 JLG G9-43A Telehandler for Sale

Several in stock / 3700-48000 hours

9K / 43′ Boom


$49,850 Nationwide Delivery!


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