2024 Skytrak 8042 Telehandler

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The Brand New 2024 Skytrak 8042


  1. Lift Capacity: The “8042” in the model name may indicate certain specifications. For example, it might suggest a maximum lift capacity of 8,000 pounds and a maximum lift height of 42 feet.
  2. Telescopic Boom: Telehandlers are equipped with a telescopic boom that can extend and retract, providing versatility in reaching different heights and distances.
  3. Rough Terrain Capability: SkyTrak telehandlers are designed for off-road use, making them suitable for navigating uneven and challenging terrains commonly found in construction sites.
  4. Three Steering Modes: Telehandlers often offer multiple steering modes, including front-wheel, all-wheel, and crab steer, providing flexibility in maneuvering the machine in various environments.
  5. Operator Cab: Telehandlers typically have an enclosed operator cab equipped with controls for lifting and maneuvering. The cab is designed for operator comfort, visibility, and safety.
  6. Engine Type: SkyTrak telehandlers typically feature powerful engines, commonly running on diesel for increased torque and durability.
  7. Attachments: Telehandlers can be fitted with various attachments, such as forks, buckets, or lifting hooks, allowing them to perform a range of tasks on construction sites or other job locations.
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2024 Skytrak 6042 Telehandler for Sale

NEW ~ Factory Warranty

8K / 42′

4WD Diesel

$159,550 Nationwide Delivery


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