Genie Z30-20N Recon for Sale

Genie Z30-20N Recon for Sale

Above All Equipment Sales currently has two Genie Z30-20N Boom Lifts for sale! These machines are very similar to the Genie Z30-20N-RJ that we covered a few weeks ago. Check that blog out here!

Difference between Genie Z30-20N Recon and Genie Z30-20N-RJ

The RJ stands for rotating jib, which means that the extra arm at the end can rotate 180 degrees both ways. The Genie Z30-20N Recon does not have this feature.

About the Genie Z30-20N Recon

These boom lifts have a 20 feet outreach, 30-foot height. They are electric boom lifts with non-marking tires, so they are designed for indoors or outside on asphalt or concrete.

They each cost $22,900 and come with a 1-year parts warranty.

Fully reconditioned with new batteries, wiring, harness tires, upper and lower controls. The list goes on and on!

Learn More About the Genie Z30-20N Recon for Sale

If you are interested in learning more about these awesome boom lifts, contact us today!

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