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At Above All Equipment Sales, we are dedicated to offering reliable, high-quality construction equipment to meet your needs. We’re excited to feature a 2001 Gradall Telehandler, a trusted choice among construction professionals.

This blue Gradall Telehandler stands out with its impressive lift capacity of 9,000 pounds. It has a robust boom reaching a height of over 44-feet, making it ideal for various high-rise tasks. This model hails from Salt Lake City, backed by a solid maintenance history with service records dating back to 2012, which is a testament to its excellent upkeep.

Key Features of the Gradall Telehandler:

  • 9,000-pound lift capacity
  • Boom height of over 44-feet
  • Reliable performance with a decade-long service history
  • Open cab unit with open rollover protection
  • Run-flat, foam-filled tires

It’s worth noting that this telehandler is an open cab unit featuring open rollover protection and foam-filled tires for added safety and convenience. With this reliable machine, you can be confident in taking on any construction task. What’s more, this exceptional model is available for under $50,000, with delivery available throughout the country.

Above All Equipment Sales is your go-to resource for high-quality construction equipment. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in finding the right fit for your specific needs. Visit our website at and check out our wide selection of machinery.

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At Above All Equipment Sales, we take pride in offering quality machinery that can handle a variety of tasks efficiently and safely. Today, we’d like to highlight one such versatile piece of equipment – the 2001 JLG G 943 A Telehandler.

The JLG Telehandler is a powerful telehandler with a lift capacity of 9,000 pounds and a boom reach of 43-feet. This robust piece of equipment features foam-filled, run-flat tires to handle tough terrain and keep your operations smooth. Though it’s an open cab unit, it boasts a build quality from being manufactured at the Caterpillar factory, ensuring durability and dependability.

Despite its usage hours tallying around 6,800, this telehandler has proven its resilience by passing the condition report with flying colors. Many of these hours are typically idle, demonstrating the enduring nature of this machine.

The key features of this telehandler include:

  • 9,000-pound lift capacity
  • 43-foot reach on the boom
  • Foam-filled, run-flat tires
  • Manufactured alongside Caterpillar units
  • Passed the condition report with high marks

At a competitive price of approximately $47,550, this telehandler promises value for money by delivering a powerhouse performance. You can find more details about this equipment, including the full specs and pricing, on our website.

Make the smart choice for your project. Browse through our selection of equipment at Above All Equipment Sales, and let us help you find the perfect fit for your needs.

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At Above All Equipment Sales, we consistently aim to provide top-tier machinery that guarantees optimal productivity. One such offering is our impeccable 2015 Genie GS 3232 Scissor Lift. Designed for efficiency and reliability, the Genie 3232 has quickly become a popular choice among many of our clients.

The Genie 3232 Scissor Lift stands out with its 32-foot reach and 38-foot working height. This “skinny” model, with its 32-inch width from tire to tire, conveniently fits through a standard doorway, making it an excellent fit for indoor projects.

Key features of this unit include:

  • A downrigger system that enables safe ascent to the full working height
  • Under 300 hours of usage, guaranteeing its long-term viability
  • Recent battery replacements, ensuring optimal performance
  • Minimal surface rust
  • An attractive price point of just $12,750

We take pride in providing detailed information and transparency about all our equipment. For complete specifics about this Genie 3232 Scissor Lift, visit

Above All Equipment Sales is dedicated to providing an extensive collection of scissor lifts, carefully curated and refurbished to ensure customer satisfaction.

Explore the Genie 3232 Scissor Lift and our wide array of equipment offerings at Above All Equipment Sales now!