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Above All Equipment Sales always has the aerial lifts you are looking for. Whether you need a new or used telehandler, boom lift or scissor lift, we have you covered! We also carry the biggest brand when it comes to these aerial lifts, including Skyjack, JLG, and Genie.

Genie Scissor Lift Sizes and Specs

We always have Genie in stock in all sizes form the Genie GS-1930, Genie GS-2032, Genie GS-2632, Genie GS-2646, Genie GS-3246, and the Genie GS-3232. So, no matter what size job site you are working with, we have a great Genie scissor lift for you!

They all have the same narrow footprint. All this is or lifts all the genie lives have a 24-volt system. So, they all have four golf cart batteries. And, every scissor life we sell, new or reconditioned, comes with all new major components such as new batteries, inspection, tires, and more.

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If you are in need of a new scissor lift for your job site, or if you are consistently renting equipment for your company, Above All Equipment Sales has great deals on all of our machines. Contact us today to learn more about our equipment and save!

We always have a great selection of scissor lifts, boom lifts, and telehandlers for sale at Above All Equipment Sales. Whether you want a new or used aerial lift, we have got what you need!

Scissor Lifts for Sale

One size scissor lift that we always have available is the 26-foot scissor lifts. We carry Genie and Skyjack 26-foot scissor lifts. Most people prefer the narrower footprint that is 32 inches wide because they fit through most doorways. However, we also carry wide deck scissor lifts that are 45 inches wide for more heavy-duty job sites.

Electrical Scissor Lifts

The Genie and Skyjack scissor lifts that we have for sale are electric lifts, 24-volt system, and run on just four six-volt batteries.

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If you want to learn more about the aerial lifts we have for sale at Above All Equipment Sales, please contact us with any questions, or you can visit our website to see our inventory and specs on each machine.

At Above All Equipment Sales, we always have a great selection of aerial lifts that are perfect for your job site. One of our bread and butter machines are 19-foot scissor lifts, which we always have new and reconditioned in stock.

Popular Scissor Lifts at Above All

We sell the most popular and reputable brand scissor lifts, such as Genie and Skyjack. 19 footers are also just an extremely popular footprint for scissor lift because they are narrow enough to fit through a standard doorway.

  • They are 30 to 32 inches wide and 19 feet tall.
  • They all have a 24-volt charging system
  • They take four 6-volt batteries (golf cart batteries that you can buy somewhere like Costco)

Lead Times for Scissor Lifts

Although these scissor lifts are always available, lead time can vary from one week to three weeks, depending on the time of year and your location.

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If you have any questions about our new or reconditioned 19-foot scissor lifts, you can visit our website to see our inventory and specs on each machine. Or you can contact us today to learn more about any of our aerial lifts, including scissor lifts, boom lifts, or telehandlers.