Maximize Efficiency with Our Genie GS 1930 Scissor Lifts: Ready for Immediate Shipment


At Above All Equipment Sales, we pride ourselves on our expansive inventory, high-quality equipment, and commitment to customer satisfaction. We are spotlighting our Genie GS 1930 Scissor Lifts currently in stock and ready for your construction needs.


Here’s what you should know about our Genie GS 1930 Scissor Lifts:

  • We currently have three units available: A 2008 model, a 2014 model, and a 2015 model. The 2008 unit was privately owned, while the two newer models previously belonged to Sunbelt units.
  • Each machine comes with new batteries to ensure you can hit the ground running as soon as it’s delivered to your site.
  • With hours ranging from 266 to 313, these units are in the mid-range and promise impressive durability and longevity.
  • These units are fully serviced, thoroughly checked, and are being offered at a competitive price of $7900 each. Should you wish for a reconditioned model, we can arrange that for an additional cost.


At Above All Equipment Sales, we aim to provide you with top-tier equipment that enhances your productivity and safety. Visit our website to explore our extensive range of new and used construction equipment. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need guidance or additional information; we’re here to help you make the best choice for your needs. Check back regularly for updates on our inventory and the latest in construction equipment news.


Explore our Genie GS 1930 Scissor Lifts on today, and enhance your operation’s efficiency and safety!

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