2014 Genie Z45/25J

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The Genie brand, known for its aerial work platforms and material lifts, introduced its first articulating boom lift in the mid-1960s. The specific model that is often considered the first Genie boom lift is the Genie Hoist, introduced in 1966. This early model laid the foundation for Genie’s subsequent development and innovation in the field of aerial access equipment.

Over the years, Genie has continued to refine and expand its line of boom lifts, introducing various models with different features, capabilities, and working heights. The introduction of the Genie Hoist marked the beginning of Genie’s significant presence in the aerial lift industry, and the company has since become a well-known and respected name in the sector.

The Genie Z-45 is a model of articulating boom lift manufactured by Genie Industries, a well-known company in the aerial work platform industry. Specifically, the Genie Z-45 is part of the Genie Z series, which includes various models designed for versatile and efficient access to elevated work areas.

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2014 Genie Z45/25J Boom Lift for Sale

51′ working height

Several in stock / 4WD Diesel

1600-2800 hours

$43,850 Nationwide Delivery


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