2014 JLG E400AJPN Boom Lift

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JLG E400AJPN Boom Lift

  1. Type: Articulating Boom Lift
    • Articulating boom lifts are designed to reach up and over obstacles, making them versatile for various job site requirements.
  2. Working Height:
    • The “E400” in the model name indicates a working height of around 46 feet. Working height includes the maximum platform height along with the reach of the boom.
  3. Platform Capacity:
    • Boom lifts typically have a specified maximum capacity for the platform. This capacity indicates the maximum weight the lift can safely support while elevated.
  4. Power Source:
    • Boom lifts can be powered by various sources, including diesel, electric, or hybrid systems. The specific power source for the E400AJPN would depend on the model and configuration. This specific electric articulating boom lift is DC Power.
  5. Features:
    • Articulating boom lifts like the E400AJPN are known for their ability to navigate around obstacles with their jointed “elbow” design. They often have proportional controls for precise positioning, and some models may include features like rough-terrain tires for outdoor use.
  6. Manufacturer:
    • JLG Industries is a reputable manufacturer of aerial work platforms, including scissor lifts and boom lifts. They are known for producing equipment that meets industry standards for safety and performance.
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2014 JLG E400AJPN Boom Lift for Sale

Several in stock 700-950 hours

46′ working height

DC Power/ New Batteries (8)

$27,850 Nationwide Delivery!


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