2015 Genie Z34/22N

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Genie Electric Booms, also known as electric telescopic aerial work platforms, are versatile machines used in construction, maintenance, and other industries requiring elevated access. Here are some key points about Genie Electric Booms:

  1. Electric Power: These booms are powered by electricity, making them environmentally friendly and suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. They produce zero emissions during operation, making them ideal for jobsites with strict environmental regulations or indoor applications where fumes from combustion engines could be a concern.
  2. Telescopic Design: Genie Electric Booms feature a telescopic boom arm that can extend vertically and horizontally, providing operators with access to elevated work areas at various heights and distances. This design allows for greater flexibility in reaching overhead workspaces.
  3. Quiet Operation: Compared to diesel or gasoline-powered counterparts, electric booms produce less noise during operation, making them suitable for use in noise-sensitive environments such as residential areas or indoor facilities where minimal disruption is desired.
  4. Compact Size: Many Genie Electric Booms are designed with compact dimensions, allowing them to maneuver easily in confined spaces or through doorways. This feature enhances their versatility and suitability for a wide range of applications.
  5. Safety Features: Genie Electric Booms are equipped with various safety features to protect operators and bystanders during operation. These may include features such as platform control systems, fall arrest systems, overload sensing, and tilt sensors to ensure safe and stable operation at height.
  6. Easy Maintenance: Electric booms typically have fewer moving parts compared to their diesel or gasoline-powered counterparts, resulting in simplified maintenance requirements and lower operating costs over the lifespan of the machine.
  7. Models and Options: Genie offers a range of electric boom lifts with different specifications and features to suit various applications and job requirements. These may include different platform heights, outreach capabilities, platform capacities, and optional accessories for enhanced functionality.

Overall, Genie Electric Booms provide a reliable and efficient solution for accessing elevated work areas while offering the benefits of electric power, quiet operation, and enhanced safety features.

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2015 Genie Z34/22N Boom Lift for Sale

2015 Genie Z34/22N

40′ working height / Electric Lift

Several in stock / 800-1100 hours

$24,850  Nationwide Delivery


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