2015 Genie GS-2646 Scissor Lift

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Genie GS-2646 Scissor Lift

  1. Platform Capacity: The Genie 2646 is likely designed to accommodate a specific weight capacity on its platform. This capacity is important for ensuring safe operation with operators and equipment. Typically a GS2646 has a capacity of around 500-600lbs
  2. Platform Dimensions: The dimensions of the platform provide information on the available workspace for operators and equipment. It includes both length and width measurements.
  3. Working Height: 32′ This refers to the maximum height to which the platform can be elevated. It’s a critical specification for users who need to reach certain heights during their work.
  4. Lift Capacity: The lift capacity specifies the maximum weight the scissor lift can handle when fully extended. This includes the weight of the platform, operators, and any tools or materials being used.
  5. Power Source: Scissor lifts can be powered by different sources, such as electric batteries or hydraulic systems. The Genie 2646 might have a specific power source that suits different applications. This lift is DC power (Electric)
  6. Drive System: Scissor lifts typically have a drive system that allows them to move around the work area. This can include features like hydraulic drive, electric drive, or a combination of both.
  7. Terrain Capability: Some scissor lifts are designed for indoor use, while others can handle outdoor terrain. The Genie 2646 may have features that make it suitable for specific types of surfaces.
  8. Controls: The control system of the scissor lift is crucial for safe and efficient operation. This may include proportional controls for precise movement.
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2015 Genie GS-2646 Scissor Lift for Sale

26′ / 46″ wide

Several in stock / 3′ deck extension

355-465 hours

$8450 Nationwide Delivery



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