Genie GS-3246 Scissor Lift for Sale

Genie GS-3246 Scissor Lift for Sale

Above All Equipment Sales is your destination for any and all of your aerial lifts needs. We always have the most popular and reliable brands for scissor lifts, telehandlers, and booms lifts.

This week, we are diving into the Genie GS-3246 Scissor Lift!

About the Genie GS-3246

This is a larger electric scissor lift great for reaching up high, and with a 3-foot extendable diving board, you can safely reach far too.

Since this scissor lift is on the larger side, it doesn’t fit through all conventional doorways, though it can fit through double doorways. If you are looking for a scissor lift that can fit through any doorway, the Genie GS-3232 is for you! Learn more here.

Genie GS-3246 Scissor Lift Specs:

  • Max Working Height- 38 ft
  • Capacity- 700 lbs.
  • Machine Width- 3 ft 10 in
  • Machine Length- 8 ft
  • Weight – 5,211 lbs.
  • Check out all specs here.

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If you are looking for a dependable scissor lift, the Genie GS-3246 is available! Contact us today to learn more!

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