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Looking for a reliable and efficient used boom lift? At Above All Equipment, we have a diverse selection of high-quality boom lifts that can enhance your project’s productivity and safety. Our inventory includes a variety of models from trusted manufacturers like JLG and Genie, available in different sizes and power options to suit your specific requirements.

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Available Boom Lift Models

Whether you need a compact electric model for indoor use or a robust diesel-powered lift for outdoor construction, we’ve got you covered:

  • Electric Boom Lifts: Including the Genie Z-30 and Z-40, and JLG 30-foot models, perfect for quieter operation with minimal emissions.
  • Diesel and Gas Boom Lifts: Rugged options like the Genie Z60 and JLG 660SJ, ideal for challenging terrains and higher reach requirements.

Why Choose Above All Equipment?

  • Variety and Quality: Choose from a range of models with various features, including different fuel types and lift heights.
  • Expert Brokerage Service: Not only do we stock boom lifts, but we can also help broker the perfect equipment to meet any specialized needs you might have.
  • Trusted Brands: We focus on offering equipment from leading brands like JLG and Genie, known for their reliability and performance.
  • Ready to Upgrade Your Equipment?

Visit the rest of our site or check out to browse our full inventory of used boom lifts. If you’re unsure which model best fits your needs, our knowledgeable team is here to provide expert advice and support. At Above All Equipment, we’re committed to helping you find the right machinery at the right price.

At Above All Equipment, we’re proud to offer a wide selection of Genie scissor lifts, renowned for their reliability and performance. Whether you’re in need of a compact lift for tight spaces or a model with extended reach, we have the right solutions to meet your project demands.

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Featured Genie Models in Stock

Our inventory features several popular Genie models, each designed to cater to different operational needs:

  • Genie GS-1930 & GS-2632: These models are staples in the industry, known for their balance of reach and maneuverability. They are ideal for a variety of environments.
  • Genie GS-3232: Known for its unique capabilities, the GS-3232 combines compact dimensions with a significant lift height, making it a standout choice:
    • 32 Feet of Lift: Reaches a working height of 38 feet while maintaining a width of just 32 inches, allowing it to pass through standard doorways.
    • Stabilization Features: Equipped with downriggers for additional stability at heights above 26 feet, ensuring safe operation even at its maximum extension.

Ready to Elevate Your Equipment?

If you’re looking to purchase a Genie scissor lift, check out our selection at or contact us directly to discuss your specific equipment requirements. Enhance your operational efficiency with our reliable and versatile scissor lifts, tailored to your project’s needs.

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Looking for a reliable and compact telehandler? The Genie GTH-5519 is your ideal solution. Known for its maneuverability and strength, this model is a favorite among professionals seeking efficient and versatile lifting capabilities.

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Key Features of the Genie GTH-5519

The Genie GTH-5519 is packed with features that make it a top choice for your lifting needs:

  • Compact Size: Easily maneuverable in tight spaces, perfect for various job sites.
  • Impressive Capacity: Lifts up to 5,000 pounds with a maximum reach of 19 feet.
  • Lightweight Design: Weighing less than 10,000 pounds, it can be conveniently towed with a standard pickup truck, enhancing its appeal for a wide range of projects.

Unmatched Value and Performance

The Genie GTH-5519 not only offers outstanding performance but also comes with exceptional value:

  • Competitive Pricing: Priced at $73,550 delivered, it remains one of the best deals available, inclusive of delivery and full warranty coverage.
  • Reliable Warranty: Comes with a comprehensive 1-3-5 warranty, ensuring peace of mind and support from our dedicated team.

Ready to Enhance Your Fleet?

If the Genie GTH-5519 sounds like the perfect addition to your equipment fleet, visit us at to view detailed specifications and make your purchase. For inquiries or to check availability of used models, please contact us via email or phone. At Above All Equipment, we’re here to ensure you get the best equipment solutions tailored to your project needs.

We are proud to offer a diverse range of Skyjack scissor lifts, known for their reliability and simplicity. Whether you’re managing a small project or a large construction site, we have the right scissor lift to meet your needs.

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Our Featured Skyjack Models

Skyjack scissor lifts come in various sizes to accommodate different project requirements and space constraints. Here’s a quick look at our available models:

  • Skyjack 3219: A compact unit with a 19-foot reach and a 32-inch width, featuring an extendable deck for added versatility. Priced at $10,500 delivered.
  • Skyjack 3226: Known as the “26-foot skinny,” this model is ideal for jobs requiring a bit more reach in narrow spaces. Available for $12,500 delivered.
  • Skyjack 4632: Our largest model, extending up to 32 feet with a 46-inch width. Perfect for larger sites where wider units can operate. These are suitable for double doorways and are priced accordingly.

Why Choose Skyjack?

Skyjack scissor lifts are celebrated for their dependable performance and low maintenance needs. We offer competitive pricing on new and reconditioned units, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

Ready to Elevate Your Work?

If you’re interested in purchasing a Skyjack scissor lift or need more information, Contact us through our website or connect with us through our social media channels on Instagram and Facebook. Our team is ready to assist you in selecting the perfect scissor lift that meets your project’s specific needs.

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At Above All Equipment, we recognize that space often comes at a premium in project areas. That’s why we offer the Genie Runabout GR-20, a compact and versatile lift solution perfect for navigating tight spaces.

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Here’s What Makes the GR-20 Ideal for Your Needs:

  • Space Efficiency: At just 30 inches wide, this lift can maneuver through narrow passageways and even fit into elevators, making it ideal for indoor applications.
  • Working Height: Reach up to 20 feet, with a total working height of 26 feet, allowing access to elevated areas without the bulk of larger machines.

Reconditioned for Reliability

Our reconditioned Genie Runabouts are not only cost-effective but are also meticulously serviced to meet high standards:

  • Optional Extension Decks: Available with or without extension decks, these lifts provide additional reach and utility for various tasks.
  • Maintenance Assurance: Each unit undergoes extensive checks, including replacement of critical fluids and filters, thorough steam cleaning, and battery maintenance.

Pricing and Availability

  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Reconditioned units are priced at $8,650 delivered, offering significant savings.
  • Budget-Friendly Options: For those seeking even more value, we offer clean used models starting at $5,900.

With a limited stock of 11 Genie Runabout GR-20 lifts available, act quickly to secure your unit. At Above All Equipment, we’re committed to providing top-tier equipment solutions that enhance efficiency and reduce costs on your projects.

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At Above All Equipment, we understand the need for reliable and versatile lifting solutions. The Genie Z-30 Boom Lift offers exceptional reach and flexibility, perfect for various applications.

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Here’s what makes the Genie Z-30 a standout choice:

  • Extended Reach: Enjoy up to 30 feet of reach with an articulating boom, ideal for jobs that require precise positioning.
  • Increased Working Height: Provides a working height of 36 feet, enhancing your ability to complete tasks at various elevations.
  • Electric Power: Equipped with a 48-volt system featuring double the battery capacity of standard lifts, ensuring longer operation times and increased efficiency.

Fully Reconditioned for Optimal Performance

Our reconditioned Genie Z-30 Boom Lifts are not just refurbished; they are meticulously restored to near-new condition. This includes:

  • Top-Quality Paint Job: Each lift receives a car-quality, two-stage paint job that exceeds factory standards.
  • Brand New Components: Includes new batteries, non-marking tires, and fresh paint and decals.
  • Thorough Inspection and Upgrades: All critical systems, including valves and hydraulics, are carefully inspected and updated, ensuring your lift is ready for immediate and safe operation.

Cost-Effective Solution

Choosing a reconditioned lift is a smart financial decision. The Genie Z-30 offers all the benefits of a new machine at half the cost, providing significant savings without compromising on quality or performance.

Get Started with Above All Equipment

Interested in enhancing your fleet with a Genie Z-30 Boom Lift? Navigate to the boom lifts section to view our available models. At Above All Equipment, we are committed to delivering high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective lifting solutions tailored to meet your needs.

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Choosing the right scissor lift for your specific needs can greatly enhance your project’s efficiency and safety. At Above All Equipment, we specialize in helping you find the perfect lift by offering expert advice and a wide selection of high-quality equipment.

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Top 3 Scissor Lifts Recommended by Experts

Our experience in the industry has equipped us with the knowledge to recommend the best scissor lifts available. Here are our top picks, based on performance, reliability, and maintenance ease:

  • Skyjack: Topping our list, Skyjack scissor lifts are renowned for their reliability and ease of service. They use regular automatic transmission fluid, making them less costly to maintain and more accessible in urgent situations.
  • Genie: Known for its robust construction and reliability, Genie manufactures their scissor lifts in the USA. Their products started in a garage in 1966, evolving from simple mechanical hoists to complex lifts, reflecting their innovation and quality.
  • JLG: Another excellent option, JLG lifts are well-regarded for their durability and have been a staple in the industry since the 1970s. These lifts are produced in Pennsylvania and are known for their distinctive orange and cream color scheme.

Why Choose Above All Equipment?

At Above All Equipment, we not only provide top-notch equipment but also ensure you have continuous support and access to parts. Our selections are based on extensive industry knowledge and customer feedback, ensuring that you invest in a lift that matches your specific needs.

Connect With Us

Ready to find the perfect scissor lift for your next project? Visit our Instagram page for the latest updates and offerings, or browse our website for detailed information on our products. At Above All Equipment, we’re here to help you elevate your work to new heights with the best equipment on the market.

At Above All Equipment, we understand that selecting the right scissor lift for your project can be daunting. That’s why we’re here to help simplify the process. Whether you need a lift for heavy lifting or something more standard, we have a range of options to suit various needs.

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The 19 Foot vs. 20 Foot Scissor Lift: What’s Best for You?

Scissor lifts are essential tools in many industries, providing safe and efficient access to heights. But when deciding between a 19-foot and a 20-foot scissor lift, the differences go beyond just a foot of height.

  • Height and Length Differences: The 20-foot model not only offers an extra foot in height but also extends about a foot longer than the 19-foot model.
  • Weight Capacity: This is where the 20-foot truly stands out. With a weight capacity of 850 to 950 pounds, it almost doubles the capacity of the 19-foot model, which supports 500 to 550 pounds. This makes the 20-foot lift ideal for tasks that involve heavier loads or multiple workers.

Availability and Accessibility

We maintain a robust inventory of both 19-foot and 20-foot scissor lifts. With several 19-foot lifts always in stock and at least one or two 20-foot models, we ensure that we can meet your needs promptly.

Stay Connected for Updates and Offers

To ensure you have the latest information and access to our newest equipment offerings, follow us on our digital platforms. Visit our website, join us on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn. We update our content regularly to keep you informed of what’s new and available.

Ready to Elevate Your Work?

If you’re ready to secure a scissor lift for your next project, or if you need more guidance on which model fits best with your project’s demands, contact us on our website or through social media. At Above All Equipment, we are committed to providing top-quality equipment and exceptional customer service to help you achieve new heights safely and efficiently.