Equipment Selling Process Through Above All Equipment

Equipment Selling Process Through Above All Equipment

At Above All Equipment, we usually get asked the same question now and again – what does the selling process look like if you were to go through us?

The Selling Process

Typically, we buy machines from a privately owned business or a private individual. But we are also open to other means of selling and buying. First, we find the device trying to be sold, whether through a business or person. We then inspect the equipment via a detailed background check with the machine’s serial number.

We will then get a condition report of the equipment to ensure everything is in working order before purchasing. Once the deal is made, we wire-transfer the money or send the money via a cashier’s check. Afterward is when the delivery process begins, in which we can work directly with the seller to make the appropriate accommodations.

Learn More About Our Buying/Selling Process

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