The Genie GS-3232: Specifications & Details

The Genie GS-3232: Specifications & Details

Above All Equipment is thrilled to talk to you today about the Genie GS-3232! These scissor lifts come new or reconditioned and are available near you for purchase!

Some Quick Specs

When standing on the platform, these 32-foot skinny lifts come with a 38-feet working height. These lifts will fit through conventional doorways and are equipped with down-riggers to help stabilize the Genie GS-3232. The scissor lifts are 8 feet long and around 7 feet 4 inches tall. These scissor lifts come with fold-down rails that help you get them through conventional doorways.

Where Can I Find More Information On This Lift?

For more information and specifications about this Genie GS-3232, click here to check out our specs page.

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