Maintenance Guide for the Genie 1930 Scissor Lift

Genie 1930 Scissor Lift

Maintenance Guide for the Genie 1930 Scissor Lift

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At Above All Equipment Sales, we’re committed to helping you keep your equipment in peak condition for as long as possible. Today, we’re sharing some vital maintenance tips for one of our most popular models, the Genie 1930 scissor lift. Following these simple steps can significantly extend the lifespan of your equipment, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

Key Maintenance Tips:

  • Battery Care: As the heart of your Genie 1930’s operation, proper battery maintenance is crucial. Always start by turning the power off to ensure safety. Our Genie 1930 batteries feature locking caps on the batteries which, when twisted open, reveal the battery acid level. Using distilled water, top up the battery to the indicated line, but only when the battery is fully charged to maintain the correct levels. After topping up, securely relock the caps. Remember to charge your batteries after every use to keep them in optimal condition.
  • Hydraulic System Checks: Before operation, it’s essential to check your hydraulic fluid levels. The fluid should always be between the add and full marks for safe and efficient use. Don’t forget to inspect the hydraulic filter for any potential issues. Regular checks ensure the smooth running of your equipment’s hydraulic systems.
  • Tire and Safety Inspections: Always examine the tires for any signs of wear or damage and consult your manual for comprehensive safety checks. Ensuring your equipment is in good working order before operation is key to maintaining a safe working environment.

At Above All Equipment Sales, we not only offer high-quality equipment like the Genie 1930 scissor lift but also provide expert advice on maintaining your investment. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you receive the best support and equipment available.

Ready to enhance your operations with well-maintained equipment? Visit our website for more maintenance tips or to explore our extensive range of lifting equipment.

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