Do I Need a 19 or 20-Foot Scissor Lift?

Do I Need a 19 or 20-Foot Scissor Lift?

When it comes to 19 foot and 20-foot scissor lifts, whether they are new, used, or reconditioned, there are many differences that can make or break your decision to buy one versus the other.

The difference isn’t just that extra foot in reach. There are many more differences between a 19 and 20-foot scissor lift. The 19-foot scissor lift seems to be more popular because they are the most affordable. But if you need to carry and lift heavy loads, you will have to go with the 20-foot scissor lift.

Weight Capacity in Scissor Lifts

The 20-foot scissor lifts were meant to lift up 750-1,000 pounds whereas the 19-foot lift can usually only lift about 500 pounds.

Price of Scissor Lifts

If you are trying to stay in a tight budget and you don’t need to lift over 500 pounds, then the 19-foot scissor lift is going to be your best option. They are more available to buy, easier to sell, and easier to maneuver.

Your options between a 19-foot scissor lift and a 20-foot scissor lift also comes down to where you are storing your lift. You need to make sure that your lift will fit through any doorways or hallways while you are using it, and situations like that.

If you need help deciding on whether a 19-foot scissor lift or a 20-foot scissor lift is better for your job, contact us at Above All Equipment Sale, and we can help you! We can tell you about all of our new, used, and reconditioned scissor lifts so you can stay in your budget!

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