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Scissor lifts for sale. We buy and sell new and used scissor lifts by GenieJLGSkyjack & Snorkel. Nationwide Delivery


Scissor Lifts by SkyJack

Looking for a scissor lift? Scissor lifts for sale. Looking for a new, used, or reconditioned scissor lift? New and Used Scissor Lifts for sale, including scissor lifts by Genie and Skyjack! Above All Equipment is Your #1 Source For Used Electric, and Engine Powered Scissor Lifts.  We always have quality used scissor lifts for sale. A scissor lift is ideal for indoor/outdoor construction and is especially handy for maintenance tasks. Choose from an electric scissor lift for indoor jobs, or an “RT”/ rough terrain scissor lift for durability on rough terrain. JLG, Genie, Skyjack, and Snorkel are the most popular scissor lift manufactures. Electric Scissor Lifts are environmentally friendly, very efficient, have very low noise levels, and are easy to maintain. Contact Above All Equipment for the purchase of your next scissor lift!  Above All Equipment has a large selection of quality scissor lifts for sale. New, Reconditioned, and good used scissor lifts from premium manufacturers including: Genie JLG and Skyjack. All types, from smaller electric scissor, lifts to larger rough terrain “RT”scissor lifts. Let’s dig a touch deeper into the “meat and potatoes” of scissor lifts.

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    Types of Scissor Lifts


    Above all equipment has a variety of electric scissor lifts for sale. We carry new used and reconditioned scissor lifts. An electric scissor lift is perfect for indoor projects and maintenance. They are super handy and are extremely maneuverable.. Scissor lifts are often seen at industrial, commercial, and construction sites. Used electric scissor lifts (a.k.a. slab scissor lift) work best on hard smooth and slab surfaces and are frequently used in warehouses, retail stores, and any larger building and venues. Popular brands of these scissor lifts include JLG Skyjack Genie and Snorkel. Contact Above All Equipment for the purchase of your next electric scissor lift!


    Above all equipment has a variety of rough terrain scissor lifts for sale. Rough terrain scissor lifts or “RT”‘ lifts are built for working outdoors. Most rough terrain scissor lifts feature Automobile-like pneumatic tires. Most are 4WD. Some larger rough terrain scissor lifts have downriggers for added stability. Platform heights range between 26′ to  50’+  Rough Terrain scissor lifts have larger decks and carrying capacities. Typically they have a higher weight capacity allowing for more workers and materials than smaller electric scissor lifts.

    Much like the electric scissor lifts, popular brands of “RT” scissor lifts include JLG Skyjack and Genie. Contact Above All Equipment for the purchase of your next rough terrain scissor lift!


    Above All Equipment carries several types of self-propelled electric lifts. Genie” Runabout’s” is the most popular single man lifts. They are designed to elevate one person, their personal tools, and a limited amount of materials. These personnel lifts reach heights ranging from 12′ to 30+ feet and are used in a variety of settings A used single man lift is still economical while being much safer and faster than using ladders. Check out our genie runabouts. Contact Above All Equipment for the purchase of your next Genie Runabout personal lift.

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