School District Scissor Lifts

School District Scissor Lifts

One of our biggest demographics for scissor lift buyers is schools. Most of the time, a school district will share one scissor lift between all of the schools, high school, middle school, elementary, etc.

Carting those scissor lifts around can be time-consuming and not to mention expensive; those costs can add up if you don’t have the right equipment to transport the machines.

We recommend that larger school districts have a few scissor lifts so they don’t have to transport them all of the time. Even smaller districts can benefit from owning a couple of their own scissor lifts.

Typical School Scissor Lifts

Schools will usually use scissor lifts for lighting in their gyms and other high ceiling rooms, such as a performing arts center. Scissor lifts can also be really useful for other maintenance work, decorations, painting, and so much more.

The most common footprint for school scissor lifts are:

  • Narrow 19 foot
  • Narrow 26 foot
  • Runabouts

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