Scissor Lift Batteries

scissor lift batteries

Scissor Lift Batteries

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Scissor Lifts require a certain amount of batteries, and most of the time, it’s four batteries. But as of recently, there is a new scissor lift by JLG that requires only one battery. Since this is a new product, we are unsure how this will play out in the long run. Regardless, you won’t want to pay for replacing it.

The Standard Amount

Typically, for scissor lifts, the number of batteries you will need will be around four. These batteries are golf cart-type batteries. The batteries are six volts which can be purchased in places such as your local Costco, which is where we recommend getting the batteries at a good deal. The most you will spend on these batteries will be around one hundred to one hundred and seven dollars.

At Above All Equipment Sales, we recommended only using four batteries as this is the typical limit. Any more than this, and you violate OSHA and ANSI standards.

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